Blossoming Fashion Conversation

The BFC has partnered with award-winning creative innovation studio Holition as well as Google, Condé Nast and Pulsar to produce a unique data visualisation project, ‘Blossoming Fashion Conversation’ showcasing the amount of posts and reach on social, news and reviews associated to 12 major fashion topics before, during and after recent London Fashion Weeks. Key topics studied throughout the visualisation include Sustainability, Model Health, The Luxury & Streetwear Climates, Designer & Production Heritage, Emerging Talent, Diversity in the industry and Overall Innovation.

The visualisation aims to engage people inside and outside the industry to educate and intrigue them while showcasing the creativity and global impact of London Fashion Week. The data has been realised in the form of a tree with roots and branches which reflect this information and how it changes over London Fashion Weeks.

The roots represent the reach of London Fashion Week related articles from online titles split by global regions. The branches represent the total social media mentions and impressions that a topic gains per day over 19 days, sourced and aggregated from the three previous London Fashion Weeks. The link between the roots and the branches reflects time and subject matter.

The project was headed by Holition’s Creative Technologist Miguel Ceballos and Product Owner Sixtine de Cidrac in partnership with six university students from across the globe who came together in London as part of the Holition’s Summer Internship Programme.

The data visualisation will be located at The Store X, 180 Strand throughout London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Festival.