Push Button

Catwalk show

19 Feb 2019, 09:00

Pushbutton is the most popular women & men's designer label in Seoul since has been participated in Seoul Fashion Week from 2010 that everyone wants to see. Since its collection appeared, the label had rapidly acquired strong followings in the fashion community with its own character: unique, quirky, crazy and fun design.

Pushbutton's bold and daring collection fascinated fashion insiders have been looking for the most rising design exactly. Pushbutton aims to innovate the new of the new in fashion. Its experimental and conceptual designs have been hailed not only by fashion industry people but also by trendy consumers who are always looking for something unique and fun to wear.

Pushbutton has built up its significant diversity concept as like under & over, feminine & masculine, sexual & sporty, with distinctive character. Its muse is very successful woman in every way, but its boy wannabe is laid-back man who is interested in his own beauty. The brand mainly target the group of early twenties to mid thirties but actually it satisfies anyone who loves fashion and takes an active interest in trendy fashion. Pushbutton never fails to satisfy their high expectation with its fun, edge yet feminine and sexy collections.

Pushbutton is making the biggest effort in fabric material development as printing unique pattern, mixing fabrics, dying, and textile weaving. Whole collections are made by these special fabrics and also Pushbutton use faux fur in good quality.

Pushbutton is expanding its dimension into overseas which ignited the brand global marketing and it made the brand to gain its maniac supports from all around the world in the high-end fashion market.

5/6F Parkland Bldg.
Daesagwan-ro 6-gil 5
Seoul 04403


Sales Contact

Miji Lee
Tel: +82 (0) 2 792 1283

Press Contact

Miji Lee
Tel: +82 (0) 2 792 1283


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