Sheen is a fine jewellery brand based in Dubai. Established as a creative outlet for its founder, Nosheen Bakhsh, the brand is a combination of her two passions: design + humanity. With these founding roots, Sheen donates a percentage of proceeds to different social causes - currently UNHCR's Rohingya emergency. It now also incorporates the use of culture in narrative collections.

Sheen's latest "Chandi" collection, showcased in the Designer Showrooms during London Fashion Week, is the 6th collection released by the brand, and only the second to be manufactured entirely in silver. Inspired by the colourful culture and tribal traditions of the Rajasthan region of India, Chandi – and Urdu word denoting silver - presents an eclectic fusion of Indian intricacy and Middle Eastern elegance.

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Nosheen Bakhsh
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Shahzad Bhatti
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