Narguess Hatami, the creative soul of the brand Miahatami, was born in Teheran in 1981, her father is an architect and her mother works as a fashion designer. After earning a scientific degree at one of the most prestigious pre-college institutions in the Iranian capital, she chose to continue her studies in Italy, bringing with herself and in herself the heritage of an ancient culture, a valuable and incredibly refined one. She joined the Faculty of Humanities of the Università degli Studi in Bologna, following the Degree Course in Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion and from here she develops her passion for fashion, made of style and elegance, also mixed with her connection with art.

She improves her penchant for painting and drawing following a private course in the study of the master Aydin Aghdashloo, painter, author, art critic, historian and graphic among the finest of the contemporary scene in Iran. Then she takes her first professional steps in different fashion house like Paola Frani, Massimo Giorgetti and Marco Morosini, increasingly perfecting her skills as a style office member, coming to assume the office of Head of the style department.

This series of experiences decidedly articulated and full of training in the fashion field, lead Narguess to make the decisive turning point that comes with the Fall / Winter 2015-16 season, the year in which the Miahatami brand was born, a brand of clothing and accessories designed for women. Narguess offers the public a global project of style that bears her name, or rather, her surname preceded by the word "Mia", which underlines how much this project really belongs to the designer and fully reflects her aesthetic beliefs, her roots and know-how she has matured over the years.

The brand refers to an approach to fashion with a well-defined identity that aims to be a meeting point between the Middle East and European design. The result represents a perfect multicultural mix, with a style conceived in the 

logic of well-dressing, which reveals in its DNA a marked multiculturality and, at the same time, a sartorial accuracy that makes each piece a sort of project. The attention paid by the stylist to the most innovative works on the material, recalibrates and declines to the present the magical kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, embroideries, images and charms that come to us from ancient Persia, from the legendary Silk Road. A perfect multicultural mix.

From the first collections, the Miahatami brand is received in an exceptional way both by buyers and by the press around the world, thanks to a new and multicultural style and, in 2016, the brand is awarded as one of the best revelations of year in the contest "Who's on Next", sponsored by Vogue Italia and thanks to the talent of the Designer, continues to establish itself more and more in the world fashion scene.

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